We helped Pakistan in averting a threat to peace and unity: Saudi Ambassador

Islamabad, Sep 20 : By playing a key role in the deportation of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Jeddah, the Saudi Government has in fact helped Pakistan to avert a threat to its peace and unity, Saudi Ambassador Ali Awadh Asseri has claimed.

Commenting on the Saudi support to Pakistan, Asseri said, "This support has been extended not as a favour to another country, but as a fulfilment of responsibility towards a friend and a brother."

Pak religious extremist threatens to bomb girls’ school

Islamabad, Sep 20 : An Islamic extremist has threatened to bomb a girls’ school in Taxila if its teachers and students don’t wear a veil.

The principal of the high school is said to have received a letter from an unidentified man, a local source said.

"Yes we have received a threatening letter from a religious fanatic, and we are scared," said Shakeela, the acting principal of the school.

The school management has informed the students about the letter and told that nothing would happen to them if they wore a veil, she added.

Major reshuffle in Pak Army’s top brass on cards

Pak presidential poll schedule on Friday

Islamabad, Sep 19 : The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is likely to announce the presidential poll schedule on Friday, sources have said.

"Preparations are underway to announce the schedule and probably it would be made public on Friday," the Daily Times quoted sources, as saying.

They added that there would be enough time between the poll announcement and the voting process on October 15.

Pak Air Force to purchase 300 aircrafts, some missiles and an early warning system

Islamabad, Sept.17: Air Chief Marshal Tanveer Mehmood Ahmed has said that more than 300 aircrafts, some missiles and an early warning system will be acquired by the Pakistan Air Force at the cost around nine billion dollars to modernize it.
In an interview with a private TV channel, Tanveer Mehmood Ahmed said that Pakistan Air Force has planned to modernize its fleet by replacement of aging aircraft and acquisition more than three hundred multi-roll combat aircraft including American F-16s and Chinese J.F-17 thunder and J-tens over the next few years.