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Hong Kong stocks fall 3 per cent as regional markets tumble

Hong Kong stocks fall 3 per cent as regional markets tumble

Verdict in Hong Kong celebrity sex photo trial due April 29 Eds: epa file photos available

Hong Kong sex photos scandal pop star to testify in Canadian courtHong Kong - A verdict is to be handed down on April 29 in the trail of a computer technician accused of stealing photos that triggered a sex scandal in Hong Kong, a court announced Tuesday.

Sze Ho-chun, 24, allegedly downloaded explicit images from the laptop computer of singer-actor Edison Chen that showed Chen engaging in sex acts with a number of young starlets.

Action star Jackie Chan faces backlash over China freedom remarks Eds: epa file photos available

Too much freedom in China can lead to ‘chaos’, says Jackie ChanHong Kong - Students and politicians in Hong Kong Tuesday hit out at comments by movie star Jackie Chan that Chinese people should be controlled and that too much freedom could harm China.

The Rush-Hour star sparked a growing controversy by saying at a business forum Saturday that freedoms had made Hong Kong and Taiwan "chaotic" and adding: "We Chinese need to be controlled."

Hong Kong's unemployment rate rises to 5.2 per cent

Hong Kong's unemployment rate rises to 5.2 per cent Hong Kong - Hong Kong's unemployment rate has risen to a three-year high of 5.2 per cent as the economic slump takes its toll, according to government figures Monday.

The figure for the quarter running from January to March is 0.2 percentage points higher than the figure for the previous quarter from December 2008 to February.

Around 5,500 jobs were lost between the two quarters, according to government figures, with the biggest rises in joblessness recorded in the construction, transport, hospitality and financial sectors.

60 companies in polluted Hong Kong sign up for carbon reduction

low-carbon lifestylesHong Kong - Sixty companies in energy-hungry Hong Kong have signed up for a programme to promote low-carbon lifestyles, a environmental conference heard Monday.

The government-backed campaign run by environment activists the Climate Group aims to find ways to lower high-rise Hong Kong's carbon footprint, which is reckoned to be one of the world's biggest.

Speaking at the launch of the one-year campaign Monday, environment secretary Edward Yau appealed to businesses and individuals to help make it a success.

Big fish "tortured" in Asian seafood restaurants

Asian seafood Hong Kong - The waiter serves up a generous helping of hyperbole with his sales patter as he points to a giant garoupa gawping out of the glass of a neon-lit fish tank on the pavement outside a seafront restaurant in Hong Kong.

"This is a very special fish - it is more than 100 years old," he says, gesturing to the fish struggling to turn its metre-long body in the confines of the tank.

"If you want to eat it, it will cost you around HK$500,000 (64,500 US dollars). You will need a very big party."