Improved Version of Volkswagen Touareg Seen in Pune

VolkswagenA highly improved version of the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen’s Touareg SUV was recently seen in Pune. Volkswagen has announced to introduce the improved version of Passat and Jetta by September this year and that of Touareg SUV soon after.

Experts have predicted that the Volkswagen Touareg SUV will be high in performance and powerful in appearance. The new Touareg will have the same V6 TDI diesel engine which will produce 240 bhp and 550 Nm torque but improvements will be seen in fuel consumption and emissions reducing BlueMotion technology. Another attractive feature of the machine will be an eight speed transmission that will save fuel.

Grameen Bank urgently needs a regulator: probe report

Grameen Bank urgently needs a regulator: probe reportDhaka, April 27 - A committee appointed by the Bangladesh government to probe the working of the Grameen Bank has accused the micro-credit agency run by Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus of "consistently violating its own laws, rules and regulations" and suggested that it needs an effective regulator.

Germany ready to start early talks in taxation pact

Pranab-MukherjeeIt has been mentioned by Germany that they are ready to start early negotiations when it comes to double tax avoidance agreement (DTAA) with India. This kind of pact is needed between the two countries if Germany wants to share information and get information from India with India's Enforcement Directorate.

Fusion of Bayer and Zydus Cadila

Bayer-Zydus-PharmaOn Friday, the German chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer announced that it is going to enter in to Indian market with Zydus Cadila. The aim of such pact is to improve its presence in that country's fast growing market.

The new firm, Bayer Zydus Pharma will focus on women's healthcare, problem-solving imaging, general medicines and oncology as stated by Bayer in a statement.

Moreover, they will look forward to accelerate their capabilities for better service in the fast growing Indian market. This has been started by Joerg Reinhardt, chief executive of Bayer's HealthCare unit.

Berlin hosts Khan after Khan

Berlin hosts Khan after KhanBerlin, Jan 28 - Indian cinema fans in Europe are basking in the company of Khan after Khan and they can't believe their luck. First, it was Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan who spent three months in Berlin and now Aamir Khan arrives here early next month.

Aamir will be here as a member of the international jury of the 61st Berlinale that opens Feb 10.

Pregnant breast cancer patient demands treatment

Pregnant-breast-cancer-patientLead scientists of the German Breast Group have claimed that studies of breast cancer should not be procrastinated merely of the fact that the woman is pregnant.

According to the recent studies the effects of various treatment options on the infant, the scientist offered the recommendation.

"At the time we started the study in 2003, there was hardly any information on breast cancer therapy during pregnancy, but we felt there was a medical need for it," Sibylle Loibl, Dr. med, German Breast Group said.

Bollywood fans descend on Berlin for Shah Rukh, Priyanka shoot, Oct 23 : Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan reveals he dreams of dating as many girls as possible while shooting here for "Don 2". Priyanka Chopra says she would love to walk around the streets of Berlin she finds so full of amazing energy. Film director and actor Farhan Akhtar said he is crazy about the architecture of the city.

Nokia Siemens succeeds the LTE agreement in Germany

Nokia-Siemens-NetworksNokia's telecom device business enterprise Nokia Siemens Networks yesterday recorded a third-quarter operating loss as next to a minute profit anticipated for the period.

The 50-50 Nokia Siemens undertaking has jostled to stay out of the red ever since its 2007 commenced with declining operator expenses and ferocious pricing from Asian competitor Huawei and ZTE. The wing recorded an operating loss of € 116 million, downward from a loss of 53 million a year prior.

Volkswagen eyes Alfa Romeo

Volkswagen eyes Alfa RomeoWhile one the one end, the Italian auto major, FIAT SpA is planning to shed the Alfa Romeo brand from its portfolio, the latest buzz in the global automobile circuit supports the fact that the German carmaker, Volkswagen AG is gearing to up to pick up the luxury brand.

It is to be mentioned here that the German auto industry newspaper automobilwoche recently reported that Volkswagen is eying an acquisition of the Alfa Romeo brand from FIAT.

There is no denying to the fact that Alfa Romeo is a globally recognised brand with sporty genes and a great tradition.

Master's course in spinal surgery inaugurated at MIOT Hospitals

spinal-surgeryThe Indo German Orthopaedic Foundation, whose initial aim of establishment was to have a continuously active and free exchange of the latest orthopaedic techniques between India and Germany, held a 3-day master's course in spinal surgery, trauma surgery and joint replacements that was inaugurated at the MIOT Hospitals recently.

At present, two courses along with fellowships for young Indian surgeons for abroad training are being offered in India.

Engineered stem cells may improvise the condition of cardiac case

Engineered stem cells may improvise the condition of cardiac caseGenetically engineered stem cells have come in handy once again as it helps curb upon organ damage and helps in betterment of cardiac function after a heart attack, as stated by the latest animal study.

The study was conducted by the lead of Matthias Siepe, the assistant professor and staff surgeon at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Medical University Center in Freiburg, Germany with his colleagues.

Audi gaining substantial ground in China

Audi gaining substantial ground in ChinaThe German luxury car maker has recently said that Audi is striving hard to meet the rising demand for its product in the Chinese market. In fact, the chairman of the company Rupert Stadler recently said that the Chinese market could become its main market this year ahead of Germany.

Stadler also mentioned the fact that even after expanding its capacity regularly, the company has not been able to meet the rising demand of the consumers.

Berlin's terror stance upsets Ankara

Berlin's terror stance upsets AnkaraOfficials have said that Ankara is upset that Germany is lax in efforts to control Kurdish militancy after Berlin banned a Turkish charity tied to a deadly Israeli raid.

The German government banned the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, or IHH, because of its anti-Israeli stance.

It should be noted that the Turkish IHH was involved in the deadly raid on a flotilla bound for Gaza.

Jasmine found to have calming effect

Jasmine found to have calming effectIt has been discovered by researchers in Germany that the scent of jasmine calms mice as much as tranquilizers or sleeping pills and without the side effects.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that Hanns Hatt, a professor at the Ruhr University in Bochum, said the study is "evidence of a scientific basis for aromatherapy."

The ancient Egyptians first used jasmine for its relaxing effect. The name comes from the Persian word "yasmin" and means "a gift from God."

Road monitoring device may help drivers on curving roads

Road monitoring device may help drivers on curving roadsGerman researchers have said that a device monitoring eye movements could warn that a winding road needs driver attention.

Study author Farid Kandil of the University of Munster in Germany says in a statement, "If the driver does not show his typical pattern of eye movements upon approaching a bend, then the system will assume that he has not seen it and will warn him in time."

Kandil's goal is to build an in-car device that warns the driver in danger of unintentionally departing from the lane.

German storms leave 2 dead, 8 injured

German storms leave 2 dead, 8 injuredAccording to the official reports, Fierce storms in Germany on Monday, including a tornado, left two people dead and several injured.

A 54-year-old woman in a wheelchair was killed in Cologne when she was hit by a truck while seeking shelter under an underpass, The Local has reported. The British Internet news site further said that in Nordhorn, high winds uprooted a tree that struck and killed a 47-year-old woman trying to make it home with her dog.

Germans quietly happy about third place at World Cup

Germans Hamburg, July 11 : Germans quietly celebrated third place of their World Cup football team on a sweltering Saturday night amid hopes for more success in the future.

The start of school holidays in several states, the intense heat and the disappointment about the semi-final defeat against Spain led to smaller crowds at the fanfests and other public viewing events.

The Berlin fan mile was filled to one third of its 350,000 capacity and in Hamburg a mere 5,000 came to the fanfest which can accommodate 70,000.

Israeli spy linked to Hamas plot charges plans to appeal

Israeli spy linked to Hamas plot charges plans to appealIt has been reported that lawyers defending an alleged Israeli spy linked to a Hamas assassination plot said they plan to appeal a decision by Poland to extradite him to Germany.

It would use any means necessary to prevent suspected Mossad agent Uri Brodsky from being extradited, Israel had said in June.

Brodsky was arrested in Poland earlier this year in connection to using a fake German passport. He is believed to be the first Israeli spy allegedly tied to the slaying of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel in January.

A5 up for local assembly

A5 up for local assemblyAs the competition in the luxury segment is entering the next lap, the third largest player in the luxury car segment is well aware of the fact that getting the local content into the product gives a competitive edge to the company.

Notably, the German luxury car manufacturer, Audi has recently announced that the company shall be starting the assembly of the Q5 model in Aurangabad and in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Further the Q5 shall be the third product after the A4 and A6 that shall be manufactured in the Indian market.

Acupuncture elevates exercise tolerance capability

Acupuncture elevates exercise tolerance capabilityThe latest development in case of fitness study explains that acupuncture can help improve exercise tolerance in patients who suffer from chronic heart failure.

According to Dr. Johannes Backs, physician and study director at the Department of Internal Medicine III (Cardiology, Angiology, and Pneumology - Medical Director: Professor Dr. Hugo Katus) of Heidelberg University Hospital who did the poll claimed that people who complain of breathing problems and high fatigue rate caused by physical exercise.

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