China urges US to stop arms sales to Taiwan

Nov. 14: China has urged the United States to immediately cancel arms sale programs, stop arms sales and military links with Taiwan. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao was quoted by the official Xinhua news agency as saying that China firmly opposes to arms sales by the US to Taiwan, and had already forwarded strong representations to Washington in this regard.

China urged the United States to take actual actions to carry out the three China-US joint communiques, honour its commitment made to China on the issue of Taiwan, and stop sending any misleading signals to the separatist forces seeking for Taiwan Independence, Liu said, affirming that China reserved rights for taking further measures.

China needs to open up more to benefit in the long term, say officials

New Delhi, Nov. 14: Officials involved with foreign affairs in China have said that country needs to further abandon its conservative shackles to benefit in the long term.

The officials who had gathered for a meeting in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou said that there was a need to “free ourselves from conservative ideas, seek new ways to expand economically and have culture exchanges with other cities and regions in the world. "

China to play constructive role on Myanmar issue

Nov. 14: China has said that it will continue to play a constructive role on the Myanmar issue. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao was quoted by the official Xinhua news agency as saying that China always supported the mediation efforts by UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon and his special envoy Ibrahim Gambari, and would sincerely like to see a peaceful, stable, democratic and developing Myanmar.

Liu said it should be clearly understood that the Myanmar issue was very complicated and could not be thoroughly resolved through one or two rounds of mediation.

US planning new space weapons against China, other rogue states

Washington, Nov. 14: The Pentagon is spending billions of dollars on new forms of space warfare to counter the growing risk of a missile attack from China.

According to The Telegraph, the U. S. Congress has allocated funds to develop futuristic weapons and intelligence systems that operate beyond the Earth's atmosphere as America looks past Iraq and Afghanistan to the wars of the future.

The most ambitious project in a new 459 billion dollar defence spending Bill, the Falcon, a reusable "hypersonic vehicle" that could fly at six times the speed of sound and deliver 12,000lb of bombs anywhere in the world within minutes.

India, China should organise high-level summit on climate change: Expert

Nov 13: Leading environmental expert Professor C S Kiang has called for a high-level summit on climate change between China and India in order to provide developing countries a platform to set up their own powerful block to negotiate with developed countries on the issue of global warming.

Professor Kiang, the founding dean of the College of Environmental Science at the University of Beijing, proposed this idea while pointing out that in the G8 plus Five, the developing countries were only observers and there is a need for a more equitable formula.

Ancient Chinese villages to be surveyed for heritage sites

Taiyuan, Nov 12 : China will launch a nation-wide survey of its ancient villages early next year as part of a decade-long heritage protection program launched in 2003.

The survey launched by the Chinese Ministry of Culture aims at establishing a list of heritage sites with a view to protect them.

According to China Folk Literature and Art Association Vice Chairman Chang Sixin, members of local folk literature and art societies will compile a record of China's oldest and most distinctive villages by taking photographs and writing descriptions of each.

The survey will begin in January 2008 and will go on till December 2010, reported Xinhua.

A book will be published before 2012 based on the survey results.

Expert calls for urgent measures to halt AIDS epidemic in China

New Delhi, Nov 12 : An anti-AIDS expert in China has said that there is an urgent need for measures to tackle the problem because the incidences of the disease are increasing in the country.

Dai Zhicheng, director of the Chinese Association of STD (sexually transmitted disease) & AIDS Prevention and Control said that China reported 218,107 AIDS cases by the end of August this year, with an increase of 3,807 cases in August.

At a recent seminar to raise people's awareness of AIDS in Liaoning Province, he said that in central Henan and southwestern Yunnan provinces, the cases of AIDS have exceeded 30,000.

Girl sets new record for being world's quickest human calculator

Nov 12: A girl has created a new record for doing mental arithmetic. Chen Ranran, the university student from Wuhan, Hubei Province, has become popular for her ability to calculate.

The record was for performing complex calculations using 15-digit numbers, reports China Daily.

Guinness World Records’ Shanghai headquarters confirmed Ranran’s latest record.

Ranran often demonstrates her talent on TV programs and in shows.

She is known as the world's quickest human calculator. (ANI)

Global warming to hit India hard; may even reverse human development

London, Nov. 12: India and China will be hit especially hard by climate change, and there is a possibility of a reversal of decades of human development across the Asia, a powerful coalition of aid and green groups has warned.

With more than 60 per cent of the world's population, Asia is where the human drama of global warming will be played out, The Independent quotes the report of the alliance of 23 of Britain's leading poverty and environmental campaigning groups, from Oxfam to Friends of the Earth, as saying.

China suspends bead toy export as toxic drug risk surfaces

New Delhi, Nov 10 : China has suspended export of Aqua Dots sets of bead toys in the wake of the recalling of 4.2 million picture sets in the US, as they contain a toxic drug.

China's quality control watchdog the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said that it has sealed the bead toys at the producer, without revealing producer's name, the China Daily reported.

The AQSIQ was quoted as saying that it has ordered quality control agencies to launch inspections and will release investigation results promptly.

IEA’s India Energy Outlook To 2030; China Calls It ‘Wrong’

International Energy AgencyIn its ‘World Energy Outlook,’ the International Energy Agency (IEA) has projected that India will turn out to be the world’s third major net oil importer before 2025. The report also highlighted the following:

- India’s primary energy demand will be increased over two-folds by 2030. The demand will grow at an average of 3.6% annually because of strong economic growth. Electricity generation will be the answer for much of the increase.

China to ensure respect for religious freedom during 2008 Olympics

New Delhi, Nov.9 : China has said that it will ensure a respect for religious freedom during next year’s Olympic Games in Beijing, and rubbished reports that references to the Bible would be prohibited.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao was particularly critical of the Catholic News Agency report, saying: "As far as I know, Chinese religious affairs authorities and the Beijing Olympic organizers did not and would not issue such a rule and this is a total rumour."

“According to the Chinese laws, foreigners are allowed to bring in religious objects or materials, be it print or audio or video, for personal use," The China Daily quoted Jianchao, as saying.

China denies rumours of dominating world's steel supply

New Delhi, Nov.8 : China has refuted rumours that it plans to dominate the world’s steel supply.

The China Daily quoted Deputy director of the Industrial Department of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Xiong Bilin, as saying that Beijing would accelerate the closure of out-of-date steelworks and continue to boost the industrial upgrading of steel sector.

He said China had so far eliminated backward mills with an aggregate capacity of 11.44 million tons for iron and 8.73 million tons for steel.

"If everything goes smoothly, the eliminated capacity for iron would reach 36.66 million tons by the end of this year, and for steel 35.69 million tons," he said.

China’s Quanta begins production of 100 dollar laptop

New Delhi, Nov.8 : Chinese computer manufacturer Quanta has started production of 100-dollar laptops at a factory in Changshu.

According to a China Daily report, the first machines have started rolling off the production line, five years after the concept was first proposed.

The machine has no moving parts and can be easily maintained. It has a sunlight-readable display that allows children to use it outside and, importantly for areas with little access to electricity, it is ultra low power and can be charged by a variety of devices including solar panels.

One Laptop per Child (OLPC), the group behind the project, said that children in developing countries would begin receiving machines this month

India, China to be main drivers for greater energy demand by 2030: Expert

London, Nov.8 : Rapid economic growth in China and India would be the main drivers for a rise in the global demand for energy through to 2030, a top energy official has warned.
The BBC quoted Nobuo Tanaka, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), as saying that energy needs in 2030 could be more than 50 percent above current levels, with fossil fuels still dominant.

Tanaka, who was speaking at the launch of the IEA's World Energy Outlook report, warned that such a rise would threaten energy security and accelerate climate change.

The Great Wheel of China that will leave the London Eye dwarfed

London, Nov 6 : Leaving no stone unturned to make the 2008 Beijing Olympics a memorable one, China is building a giant wheel in the capital that will dwarf the UK’s London Eye and the Singapore Flyer.

The Beijing Great Wheel will stand 208 metres (680ft) – a height chosen to celebrate the 2008 Olympics, which open next August. The London Eye is 135 metres high, the Times reported.

The wheel, work for which started yesterday, is expected to complete by 2009. It will have 48 capsules, each with a capacity for 40 people.

“It’s a new icon for the city,” Stephen Matter, the head of the Singapore-based Great Wheel Corporation, was quoted, as saying.

China, US to establish military hotline

New Delhi, Nov.5 : China and the United States are likely to jointly announce the establishment of a military hotline linking the Chinese defense ministry and the Pentagon today as US Defense Secretary Robert Gates visits China.

The China Daily quoted sources in Beijing as saying  that Gates, who is on a week-long tour of Asia that will also see him visiting Korea and Japan, will be duiscussing the modalities for the setting of the hotline with his Chinese counterpart Cao Gangchuan.

He will also meet with President Hu Jintao and other top military officials.

Analysts believe the possible establishment of the military hotline will mark improved security ties between the two countries.

China promoting demographic aggression in Tibet, says Dalai Lama

New Delhi, Nov.3: Lamenting the fear and the feeling of terror among Tibetans, the Dalai Lama, the community's spirtual leader, today accused China of perpetrating systemic demographic aggression.

Countering Beijing vociferous protests against him getting the Congressional Medal of Honour, the Dalai Lama told religious and peace groups at event at the India Habitat Centre here that "Every Tibetan mind lives with fear and a feeling of terror."

Medal for Dalai Lama sparked riots in Chinese province

London, Nov.3 : Tensions are still running high in the remote Labrang Monastery in China’s Gansu Province, almost two weeks after law enforcement officials and Tibetan monks clashed with each other following the Dalai Lama’s winning of an American award.

The clash took place on October 17 after hundreds of Tibetan monks from the Labrang Monastery ran out into the streets of Xiahe to celebrate their spiritual leader’s winning of the Congressional Gold Medal, the US's highest civilian honour.

Prior to their public demonstration, the monks performed a religious rite, intoning deep-voiced sutras.

Breast Cancer Cases On Rise In China

Breast CancerBeijing:  Breast cancer has sharply increased in Beijing and Shanghai due to unhealthy diets, increased stress at work, and poor environment, state media said.

According to the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer affects about 45 women out of every 100,000, with an increase of 23 percent in Beijing, and about 55 out of 100,000, with increase of 31 percent in Shanghai.  

Qiao Youlin, a cancer researcher at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said, “Unhealthy lifestyles are mostly to blame for the growing numbers.”  

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