e-Mosquito – A New Device To Check Blood Sugar Level

e-Mosquito – A New Device To Check Diabetic’s BloodTo help millions of diabetes patients worldwide who need regular glucose monitoring, electric engineers from the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary have developed an electronic mosquito for them.

Based on the mosquito’s biting mechanism, the newly developed device can draw blood easily without any pain.

The electronic bandage, which is just about the size of a deck of cards, makes use of four tiny needles, which bite deep enough to take out blood from the capillary without causing any harm to the nerves.

Klassen to sit out full season in injury recovery

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Calgary man convicted under new movie piracy legaislation

Under Canada’s new movie pirating legislation, the first person to be convicted is a man from Calgary, who pleaded guilty on Friday to the unauthorized recording of ‘Sweeney Todd’, a Johnny Depp movie.

Richard Craig Lissaman - arrested in a northeast Calgary theatre on December 21 last year - was fined $1,495 and placed on probation for a year by provincial court Judge Catherine Skene.

Lissaman has also been imposed a one-year probation including a ban on purchase, ownership or possession of any video recording equipment, even one on a cellphone, outside his home during his probation period.