Red Wine Won't Extend Life – A Study Report

This time, researchers have conducted a study on the effect of Red wine onRed Wine Won't Extend Life – A Study Report health.

The study is conducted by a group led by David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School and National Institute on Aging's Rafael de Cabo.

The research group disclosed that red wine may prove good for healthy life but drinking is not good for longer life. The "magic ingredient" of the alcoholic beverage only improves the quality of life and vigor in old age.

Earlier studies, in contrast, had hinted that some goblets of red wine every day could lead to long life, lessens the effect of age on heart, bones, eyes as well as muscular tissues.

The international group of researchers has discovered that chemical called ‘resveratrol’ decelerates the rate of ageing rather than increasing it.

Resveratrol is a chemical found in grapes, which is used in wine. The group carried out an experiment on laboratory mice to verify effect of Resveratrol on body and it cut down the total cholesterol in 22-month-old non-obese mice after ten months treatment. It also moderated heart inflammation. The treated mice had good bone health, as assessed by thickness, volume, mineral content and density than the non-treated control group.

Resveratrol treatment is already being tested in clinical trials for type II diabetes found in human beings.

The research also showed that animals fed on resveratrol are less likely to have cataracts in their eyes. But tests had not given any clue on increase of life span.

The results of the study have been published in the 'Cell Metabolism' journal.