ReadyAssist to provide 24/7 roadside assistance to EVs across 5,000 Indian locations

ReadyAssist to provide 24/7 roadside assistance to EVs across 5,000 Indian locations

ReadyAssist, one of the leading 24/7 roadside assistance companies, has announced plans to provide roadside assistance to electric vehicles (EVs) across five thousand locations in India. Bengaluru, India-headquartered ReadyAssist said it would launch an umbrella of services under one platform to assist EV owners who need assistance for services like battery swapping and on-the-spot recharging of their battery packs.

The company added that it would also smooth the progress of funding options to its existing mechanic partners to allow them to open their own micro charging kiosks at their homes to provide assistance to EV owners across rural as well as urban areas. The decision will help the company expand its network of providers of around-the-clock roadside assistance services.

The planned expansion of such micro charging stations will be connected through ReadyAssist’s technology platform. The company added that the various aforementioned services will be made available to customers through the subscription model.

Vimal Singh, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ReadyAssist, said a number of challenges, including competency building, service, support network, charging network and roadside assistance network, need to be addressed to ensure a successful adaptation of EVs by the masses. He also stressed that a lot of things right from getting the right product to winning customer mindshare are among various things that need to be addressed.

Unveiling the company's plans, Mr. Singh said, “We at ReadyAssist are trying to solve the challenge in competency building, setting up a charging network and adding EV specific RSA by cross leveraging our existing network and infrastructure in addition to our regular RSA and accidental recovery support.”

Currently, the company provides around-the-clock roadside assistance for flat tyre repairs, fixes for starting issues, and towing service. All these services are available through the company’s annual subscriptions and on-demand. The list of locations where the company’s services are already available includes cities like Bengaluru, Mysore, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pune.

On its official website, ReadyAssist states that it intends to be the best provider of roadside assistance in the country by focusing on addressing customers’ problems of real time vehicle breakdown. The company believes that its focus on deep machine learning, operations efficiency, data intelligence will keep it always prepared to attend any sort of service at anytime of the day.

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