A quick look at production-ready Lambretta Elettra

A quick look at production-ready Lambretta Elettra

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric two-wheeler mobility, the newly unveiled Lambretta Elettra e-scooter has emerged as a contender amidst bustling competition, thanks to its unique blend of style and functionality. Unveiling the Elettra at the EICMA 2023, Lambretta asserted that the EV isn’t just a concept; rather it is a pre-production model, providing a glimpse into the future. Beyond captivating aesthetics, Lambretta graciously offered insights into the intricacies of the two-wheeler hinting towards its practicability.

The Lambretta Elettra will be propelled by a 4-kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, which boasts a peak power output of 11 kW and a claimed torque of 258 newton meters (equivalent to roughly 190 pound-feet). Zooming to a top speed of 110 km per hour (approx. 68 mph), this electric two-wheeler exhibits remarkable performance metrics.

The Elettra offers three distinct ride modes to choose from, viz. Eco, Ride, and Sport. According to the brand’s claims, it has a range of up to 127 km (approximately 79 miles) on a single charge, assuming an average speed of 40 km per hour (just around 25 mph). Obviously, the rider will be able to opt for a swifter pace but doing so would reduce the range to around 60 km (roughly 37 miles) at a continuous speed of 80 km per hour (around 50 mph). Thus, the real-world range of the electric two-wheeler will depend on a range of factors, including speed, wind conditions and type of terrain.

For power, the EV will rely on a 4.6-kilowatt hour (kWh) lithium battery. For getting recharged to its full capacity, it consumes approx. five and a half hours using a 220-volt outlet. However, utilizing a public charging station can bring charging time down to just 36 minutes (covering up to 80 percent of the battery capacity).

With a claimed curb weight of 135 kg (approx. 298 pounds) and seat height of 780 mm (roughly 31 inches), the Elettra emphasizes accessibility. The design of the e-scooter ensures a low center of gravity, which enhances ease of handling. The list of its other notable features incudes a pair of 12-inch wheels, a traditional trailing link suspension system at the front, a single shock absorber above the motor at the rear, and turn signals integrated into the handlebars.

However, specific details regarding pricing and availability of the Lambretta Elettra are yet to be disclosed.

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