Punjabi youth to have degrees with ‘foreign tag’

Chandigarh, Sept. 21 : As globalisation has had an impact on all facets of life, Punjab has geared up to allow students to achieve international standards in education.

Recently, Canadian universities and institutions landed in India to woo Punjabi students.

It’s like a dream come true for every single Punjabi youth, who want a degree with a ‘foreign’ tag.

Being the world’s second largest country area wise, Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest nations with a high per capita income.

Canadian education is recognised to be of high international standard because it spends more per capita on education than any other country. This also means that the cost of education in Canada is lower as compared to other destinations such as UK and USA.

“The students come to Canada it’s a rich experience to get education elsewhere. This makes you a marketable employee in the long run. So, there is a great benefit,” said Sandra Jezik from University of Manidoba, Canada.

In a bid to provide an opportunity to students to interact directly with the foreign representatives, the Canadian Education Fair was recently held in the first self-financing Lovely Professional University campus in Punjab.

“We have personally verified the foreign universities coming to Punjab as to what infrastructure and faculties they have. We also review the standard of their education, so that our students are not taken for a ride. Through tie-ups, we can save money as children can study for two years in India and two years in Canada and acquire degrees of both the universities,” said Ashok Mittal, a chancellor of the University.

The fair also included sessions on visa/authorization processes as well as specific seminars on new horizons for education such as biotechnology, animation, multimedia and tourism.

“Many institutions in Canada have a variety of students from India, China and Korea. This makes for better educational experiences for the students because they can learn from each other’s cultures. So, we want Indian students in Canada and my visit in Punjab will provide this information to students,” Alexandra Chu, a co-ordinator said.

India has reached that give-and-take position in education. If Indian students are going abroad, foreign students are coming here to avail of India’s best in education. (With inputs from ANI)