Programmer charged with hacking Toyota website

Programmer charged with hacking Toyota websiteA computer programmer from Georgetown, central Kentucky, has been slapped with charges of hacking into and damaging computers of automobile maker Toyota.

According to the FBI complaint, Ibrahimshah Shahulhameed logged into the automobile maker's official site www. toyotasupplier. com and issued commands to hold back the functions of the computer servers. In some cases, the work of reconfiguring the programs led to complete shut down of the site.

Shahulhameed had been working for a company called GlobalSource IT, which had assigned him with the task to offer computer services to Toyota. In August, GlobalSource IT fired him for allegedly harassing another employee at the company.

Shahulhameed allegedly hacked into Toyota's computer system after the company dismissed him.

The criminal court affidavit signed by FBI agent Adam Keown stated, "Following his termination, Mr. Shahulhameed accessed Toyota's computer system and caused damage without authorization."

Neither Shahulhameed nor his attorney Patrick Nash replied to a message for a comment on the issue.

Toyota uses the website www. toyotasupplier. com as a portal for its existing suppliers, and as a place for companies finding information about doing business with the automobile giant.