Prism Cement A Decent Mid-term Bet

Prism CementSharmila Joshi of Asit C Mehta said that it’s the profitable time to hold Prism Cement.

Joshi told, “New buzz for Prism Cement has been the fact that they want to get into general insurance with a player from Australia, QBE and we know that the market has suddenly like the insurance story because they seems to be part of the business that the market has undervalued and suddenly woken up to the good realizations that you have. So, I think that’s a bit of new buzz for this. Of course the fact remains to do us Tata you do have 100 crore and Prism Cement has to bring in 74 crore to get into this general insurance business. But the kind of all these cement companies have managed to generate over the last couple of years would put them in a kind of good positions to even really to do that quite comfortably.”

She further added that the quarterly figures has been very strong and now the investors are getting the stock at about 8.6 trailing kind of PE which is rather good.

“I am quite confident that cement stocks; the overall cement story looks good and a company like Prism Cement which has improved on their operating margin because they really worked on their efficiency significantly,” she also said

In this way, the things look good and it would definitely provide some gains in the coming future. So hold it.