President-elect Trump to soon receive intel 'crown jewels'

Washington D. C. [United States], Nov. 11 : Two different sets of intelligence briefings will be given to the President-elect Donald Trump, consisting information on the nation's most secretive intelligence-gathering programs from the intelligence community and the US military.

According to the US officials, Trump is set to begin receiving the President's Daily Brief very soon.

The President-elect will be briefed on matters such as signals intelligence collection methods of the National Security Agency, operations conducted by the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations Command and CIA overseas intelligence collections operations, CNN reports.

Specific sources and methods by which intelligence is collected that are some of the country's most sensitive information will also be learned by Trump during the briefings and this would provide him access to information on US spying operations by agents and operatives overseas.

To make an incoming president ready to make key decisions on national security as soon as the oath of office is administered, the " crown jewels" briefings have been set in recent years. (ANI)