Pravaig Dynamics aims to produce 2,500 Made-in-India Extinction MK1 EVs every year

Pravaig Dynamics aims to produce 2,500 Made-in-India Extinction MK1 EVs every year

Indian electric vehicle startup Pravaig Dynamics has plans to produce and sell at least 2,500 units of its recently unveiled luxury electric car, dubbed Extinction MK1, every year from 2021.

The environment-friendly Extinction MK1 electric car comes equipped with a 96 kHw battery pack that offers a specific energy of 155Wh per kg. It has the capacity to produce power of up to 200 hp to support a speed of 196 kilometers per hour (kmph). Top torque has been pegged at 2,400 Nm. It takes just 5.4 seconds to sprint from a speed of 0 to 100 kmph.

The Extinction Mk1 electric car is also impressive in terms of design. It looks futuristic, thanks to its sharp lines and a glossy bar design for the head as well as tail lights. Resembling a bit with the Lucid Air, the coupe-style electric car easily stands out in the crowd, even amongst the EVs that are already on sale in the country.

While all those specs are enough to attract attention of potential buyers, its range is likely to attract attention of other EV makers as well. According to Pravaig Dynamics’s claims, the Extinction MK1 car can cover a distance of more than 500 km on a single charge.

It is worth-mentioning here that Pravaig Dynamics is the first Indian EV manufacturer to claim a range of more than 500 km for a vehicle that has specifically designed to be initially used as a commercial vehicle. Volkswagen’s VW ID.3 ERV can hardly cover a distance of 500 km, even after several improvements. Tesla’s widely popular Model 3 electric car claims a range of 507 km in single charge, but it could become capable of achieving this range following a number of internal and external improvements. In India, the electric car with the highest range is Hyundai Kona EV, which can cover only 452 km on a single charge.

According to the manufacturer, the Extinction MK1 is oriented towards chauffeur-driven customers. While the company didn’t reveal images for the interiors, one can expect the EV to offer removable front passenger seats, a glass partition between the front and rear seats, a fold-able table tray, and multiple charging ports.

The two-door, four-seater Extinction MK1 electric car will primarily be used for commercial fleets on a subscription-based model. Pravaig Dynamics has plans to initially sell it in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru and Delhi, before the startup expands to other cities eventually.

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