Posh wants to shed ‘miserable’ tag for fashion success

Posh wants to shed ‘miserable’ tag for fashion successLondon, Apr 6 : Victoria Beckham has had too much of her image as pouting Posh, and she now wants to get rid of her "miserable" tag, so that her fashion label doesn't get affected.

The former `Spice Girls' star has claimed that her snobbish image could foil her bid for fashion stardom.

"Everyone thinks that I'm a miserable bitch who goes shopping every day," the Daily Star quoted her as telling a New York fashion magazine.

Posh added: "When you are well-known in the tabloids and you're trying to break into a new industry, it makes it very difficult. People get preconceptions. It's hard to change people's thinking, which is what I've set out to do."

The 34-year-old has now vowed that she won't let her reputation damage her label, DVB.

She said: "I feel really charged and ready to go. I've waited a lifetime to do this." (ANI)