Posh sending Becks sexy texts ‘to lure him back’ from Italy

Posh sending Becks sexy texts ‘to lure him back’ from ItalyNew Delhi, Feb 4 : Victoria Beckham is reportedly sending husband David sexy texts while he is in Italy to remind him what he's missing.

The former Spice Girl is determined to show her soccer star husband - who is currently completing a stint with AC Milan, on loan from his normal team Los Angeles Galaxy - how much she loves him, reports the China Daily.

A source revealed: "She''s now desperate to remind David how great their life is in America every time he calls or texts."

The mum-of-three has also started inviting the couple''s friends round for parties in an effort to show her husband how good their social life is in America.

The source added: "Victoria has pals round for barbeques and brunches, then calls David so everyone can chat to him. "

Meanwhile, David, 33, is said to be keen to make his loan spell at AC Milan a permanent move, despite Victoria''s reluctance to move the family to Italy. (ANI)