Posh, Becks ditch plans for glitzy 10th anniversary bash in Hollywood

Posh, Becks ditch plans for glitzy 10th anniversary bash in HollywoodLondon, Apr 29 : The Beckhams have decided to do away with their plans of celebrating their 10th anniversary with a glitzy gala in Hollywood, and to go for a low-key private celebration instead.

Victoria Beckham, 35, wanted a headline-grabbing black tie party, but she decided against it as she feels that David, 33, is putting his career and AC Milan football club before his family.

Posh, who had been organising the party with pals Jennifer Lopez, 39, Eva Longoria Parker, 34, Katie Holmes, 30, and Heidi Klum, 35, had wanted the party to give a two-fingered gesture to all the critics who insisted the marriage would not last.

"Being apart is hard for them. It's the first time in their marriage that Vic has been angry at David," the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

"David really misses the three boys and still doesn't really understand why Vic wouldn't move to Milan to keep the family together. They are trying to make it work, but the resentments are simmering," the source said.

A spokeswoman for the Beckhams confirmed the couple would not be holding a big bash on July 4.

"They have some private 10th anniversary celebrations planned," she added. (ANI)