Plastic Logic’s e-Reader to run on AT&T service

attThe Plastic Logic Reader, which is set debut in 2010, will utilize AT&T's 3G network to connect to the net that will let users to browse, download and purchase books on the go.

The Plastic Logic Reader is an electronic reading device. The Plastic Logic Reader, which is available with integrated Wi-Fi, is equipped with E-Ink technology through which it will exhibit newspapers, novels, periodicals etc.

Devise's size is described as being comparable to 8.5 by 11-inch notepad. As far as its thickness is concerned, it is under 0.25 inch.

The Reader will get its sole content from Barnes & Noble's e-book store and online books presented by Google.

On the other hand, Kindle receives its sole content from Amazon.

AT&T's president of the Plastic Logic Reader, Glenn Lurie, said, "There is tremendous market potential for electronic reading devices, and we look forward to powering this revolutionary device with the nation's fastest 3G network."

However, the company did not announce the cost of the upcoming device.