Plan to send Indian Astronaut on Moon By 2015 - ISRO Chairman

Madhavan NairNagpur: Noted space scientist and Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Madhavan Nair stated that India will be capable of sending its astronaut into space by 2015 and begin a lunar operation after 2020.

After introducing an information and communication technology gallery at the Raman Science centre, Mr. Nair told, “India will be launching its satellite ‘Chandrayan’ by mid next year for carrying out scientific experiments on the moon.”

With a payload of 560 kg, the satellite will carry different instruments to analyze the moon’s surface, and the satellite will be established by PSLV sometime around August by 2008.

It will orbit near the moon and take visuals and photographs to consider the real color of the surface. It will stay for two years and this will be initiatory of its kind trial by ISRO as a part of India’s lunar operation.

ISRO was in a situation of unveiling commercial satellites of Italy and some European countries as it has adopted the required potential, he said.

Speaking on fragments in space, Nair said a United Nations organization was working at minimizing it together with exploring ways to chuck out them.

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