Phaneesh Murthy: A Tech Titan's Journey of Success and Philanthropy

Phaneesh Murthy: A Tech Titan's Journey of Success and Philanthropy

Phaneesh Murthy has been working in the tech industry for over three decades. During this time, he has positioned himself as an industry leader, renowned for converting medium-scale companies to tier-1 companies. He managed large outsourcing deals for many Fortune 500 companies.

In this article, we will be discussing Murthy’s career trajectory, his road to success, and how he carries forward the good through his philanthropic efforts.

Phaneesh Murthy's Career Success

Murthy is currently a board member at Opus Consulting. Opus is a payments technology company, that delivers innovative solutions to its clients. As a board member, Murthy advises Opus on a variety of matters, from marketing to technical decision-making. He has brought his years of experience into this role, to usher in a period of hyper-growth for Opus.

Opus Consulting has been providing payments solutions for over 25 years, and recently it opened up another new office in Hyderabad, India. This new office is part of the company’s global expansion strategy. Currently, the company is on track to increase its employee count across all teams by 40%.

Murthy has been able to contribute to Opus’ growth and success by leveraging the knowledge and expertise garnered throughout his long and successful career. A graduate of IIT and IIM in India, he obtained a BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the respective institutes. He has worked as the Global Head of Sales for Infosys, and the CEO of iGate, and both of these appointments were met with great success. For instance, at iGate, he helped acquire a much larger company called Patni Systems, making iGate a Tier 1 company.

Realizing that he was exceptional at generating growth, Murthy started advising companies, and since 2013, has worked with multiple companies. He joins these companies as a board member and helps them generate hypergrowth through early adoption of emerging technology, accelerating value creation, utilizing the tech-ops footprint to maximize the business impact, and adopting value networks.

Phaneeh Murthy has formalized his advisory practice by setting up a company called Primentor Inc and serves as its CEO. His clients have included a small staffing company based in Silicon Valley, which was later sold to a NASDAQ-listed IT services company, and an engineering company in Bangalore, which was later acquired by a Parisian engineering consulting firm for $72 million. He is also advising a 130-year-old US-based insurance company and a private equity fund.

Phaneesh Murthy's Philanthropic Work

Murthy is also a dedicated conservationist. He has been working with various tiger reserves in India for over two decades. In 2000, he set up Kabini Foundation, the sole purpose of this foundation is to prevent the encroachment of the habitats of tigers in India. The foundation gives local villagers vocational training, which it believes will make them less likely to encroach on conservation areas.

Recently, Murthy donated a thermal drone and 900 tracking cameras to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. With only 25% of the tiger reserve’s staff engaged in anti-poaching activities, the drone, and the cameras will cover a massive gap. Drones will monitor tiger populations, and poaching activities, whereas the tracking cameras will help keep track of movement. Images from tracking cameras may also be used in law enforcement action against poachers.

Phaneesh Murthy's Affiliations

Murthy is a part of many organizations and professional networks. This has helped him build an expansive network which has proved valuable for work. He attributes much of his success in his career, to building relationships. He often says that he doesn’t sell products, he sells relationships.

Being a part of organizations has helped him because a lot of the events by these organizations are a great way to meet like-minded people and advance your cause. After speaking at TiE, The Industrial Entrepreneur, a Santa Clara-based annual forum, Murthy was approached by some government officials who wanted to learn more about Infosys, the company he was working with at the time. This forum proved to be a valuable opportunity for Murthy to tell people about Infosys, which at the time was a household name in India but not many knew about it globally.

Murthy also credits golf for building his network. He believes that golf is a great way to pitch ideas to potential clients, as it gives you about 4 hours of one-on-one time with them. Eventually, Murthy got good at golf and won a golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass, alongside teammate Chip Perry. He gave his share of the winnings to Tiger Preservation.

Murthy’s organizations and professional networks have therefore helped him not only to advance his career but also to provide visibility to his home country, India, and contribute to important causes.

Key Takeaways

Murthy has had an illustrious career in the tech industry, where he has learned a great deal. He has been able to completely restructure small companies into competitive giants. A pioneer in selling IT services, Murthy is now happy to share his insights into success as an advisor. He continues to transform companies as a strategic advisor.

His commitment to sharing his fortunes is not limited to the corporate world. A passionate philanthropist, he has played an important role in tiger conservation efforts in India. Whether that is through donating expensive equipment or through imparting crucial training to locals.

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