Petrobras announces new oil find off Brazil

Petrobras announces new oil find off Brazil Rio de Janiero - Brazil's state-run energy company Petrobras has announced the discovery of a new offshore oil find. The light-oil field, referred to as Iguacu, is located in the Santos Basin in the Atlantic Ocean about 340 kilometres off the Sao Paulo coast at a depth of 2,140 metres, Petrobras said Tuesday.

The find was made in a new well in the BM-S-9, or Carioca field, that was discovered in April 2008. Petrobras did not give estimates of the field's size or volume.

The oil giant heads a consortium with Britain's BP Group and Spain's Repsol that jointly explores the field.

The Carioca field is located close to the Tupi oilfield, discovered in 2007, which may yield between 5 and 8 billion barrels, according to Petrobras' estimates. (dpa)

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