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Katie Couric Renewing Her Contract with Yahoo

Katie Couric Renewing Her Contract with Yahoo

Katie Couric, an American journalist and author is renewing her contract with yahoo, her spokesman confirmed Friday evening.

Couric will continue to be the global news anchor for Yahoo, which means that she will again be seen busy conducting high-profile interviews like the one she had with Senator Lindsey Graham earlier on Friday.

The renewed contract between the two indicates Yahoo's ambition to have news video that distinguishes its site.

Yahoo News is the country's most popular news web site, but it relies heavily on news wire copy and video from elsewhere.

Although Couric's spokesman declined to give any comment on the particulars of the contract, Re/code and The New York Post reported that she'll be paid roughly $10 million annually, up from $6 million before.

Yahoo to pay Katie Couric $6 mn per year as global anchor

Katie-CouricWashington, Dec 17 : Yahoo is going to pay American television journalist and talk show host Katie Couric 6 million dollars-a-year to be its " global anchor," according to sources.

The part-time job with the giant Internet portal will be Couric's secondary focus, while the veteran television journalist finishes out the second season of "Katie," her national talk show on ABC, Mashable reports.

Couric has been earning 15 million dollars as an anchor on The CBS Evening News. (ANI)

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