Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood tries on Dita Von Teese look

Washington, Nov 13 : American actress Evan Rachel Wood revealed herself as a Dita Von Teese wannabe, when she arrived at the Hamilton & Hollywood Life Behind-the-Camera Awards looking exactly like the burlesque artist.

Wood, 21, looked the image of Teese with her dark hair, porcelain white skin, ruby lips and figure-hugging gold dress, and the similarity was so obvious that one of the evening''s honorees, Director McG, thought it was Teese.

“Dita Von Teese is here, wow ... didn''t know she was coming,” Fox News quoted her as saying.

Evan Rachel Wood dumps Marilyn Manson?

Washington, Nov 6 : American musician Marilyn Manson has been, reportedly, dumped by his girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood.

Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess to star in Spider-Man stage musical?

Washington, Dec 17: If director Julie Taymor has her way, then Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess will be playing the lead in her Spider-Man stage musical.