Paris Hilton not amused at "Vacant" billboard in New Zealand

Paris HiltonWellington  - Paris Hilton's Los Angeles-based manager has threatened legal action against a New Zealand publicity company that is wooing advertisers to its empty billboards with a photo of the hotel heiress and the word "Vacant" below her face, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Manger Jamie Freed told the Sunday Star-Times that the company, Media5, did not have permission to use Hilton's image and they could expect to hear from Hilton's lawyers.

Adam McGregor, spokesman for the company, which has 70 billboards in Wellington and Auckland, said it was "just having a bit of fun" and was not trying to offend anyone.

He said the firm had been thinking of using a New Zealand politician, "but Paris is much prettier and she has a proven ability to laugh at herself."

McGregor said they would probably remove Hilton's image if her lawyers demanded it.(dpa)