Paris Hilton ‘keen’ to record new tune with Lady GaGa

Washington, Jan 24 : Paris Hilton wants to end her `tiff' with Lady GaGa - and record a new tune with the `Just Dance' hitmaker.

It has been alleged that Hilton was annoyed with Lady GaGa, as the former believes that the latter's new album `The Fame' subtlety takes a dig at her in lyrics about how anyone can "feel famous".

"She''s livid that she''s been singled out on the Internet as an object of derision over Lady GaGa''s CD," Contactmusic quoted Paris Hilton's pal, as telling OK! magazine.

However, Hilton insists there is no feud - and is keen to work with Lady GaGa, whose real name is Joanne Stefani Germanotta.

What''s more she''s thrilled that GaGa has publicly revealed that she''s a big fan of Hilton and her sister Nicky - after the hitmaker recently said, "It''s impressive to be that perfect all the time. In commercial terms, they''ve been quite an influence on me!"

Paris tells HollyScoop. com, "I just read about Lady GaGa''s comments and I love her. I think she is an incredible artist. I love her style. I love her music. I listen to her all the time.

"I would love to work with her. She seems so cool. She is a very smart girl... (I''d) love to get in touch with Lady GaGa and go to one of her shows." (ANI)