Pandya Store Written Update for 4th May 2024 Episode: Golu is Angry and Dhawal is sad

Pandya Store Written Update for 4th May 2024 Episode: Golu is Angry and Dhawal is sad

The plot starts off with Dhawal reflecting the sad times of Amrish's demise, accusing Natasha as the perpetrator. At the same time, Golu was showcasing extreme anger and erupts his grievances over and over by throwing around a ball. Sensing his turmoil, Hetal encourages Golu to confront Dhawal directly and resolve the matter. Naveli and Golu still have not been able to reach an agreement because of Mrs. Deshpande and the curious young mind's involvement. This all ends up with Dhawal's anger. Besides that, he blames Naveli for this crushing decision. Therefore, he can't go to attend the design school in Mumbai in the future.

Hetal, taking a chance, gives Golu a tip how to twist the strongest point of Dhawal the emotional one. Driven by the persuasiveness of Golu, without second thoughts, Dhawal allows the left along of Golu with Naveli to Mumbai, thus adding a new dimension to the main design of Hatel.

Elsewhere, Natasha and Shantanu end up attending the same venue to find Naveli and Golu competing for a contest. The moment Natasha finds the rings Shantanu has chosen for her, she faces a range of feelings. On the other hand, Dhawal who is lost in the world of noodle preparation, suddenly misses these times and as his cupboard tells him that he has too many things in it, everything shows that the past with Natasha has been sweet.

Almost by chance, the ring that fell out caused Naveli to touch Natasha, and this time a moment of serious intimacy was born. In the end, the scene speaks to the fact that the bond shared by Natasha and Naveli goes beyond the exchange of flowers and the coming together of bodies to a point of great emotion. Thereafter, our hero enjoys a rare double victory. First, he is brought back to life by the sight of his beloved girl and then he is granted all of the other wishes as the time allowed him to regain his composure.

Nevertheless, the relations fall apart because Naveli's sarong gets tangled together with Natasha's bangle, unresolved emotions and grievances that are bubbling underneath. In sharp contrast, when Dhawal implores to God in vehemence of keeping Natasha away from Naveli, the episode ends with Natasha giving a gentle look to Naveli, indicating that they might be on their way to a warm linkage.