Pak government trying to pacify US through Buner military operation: Taliban

TalibanIslamabad, Apr. 30 : The Taliban has said that the military operation in Buner is an attempt by the Pakistan government to pacify the United States.

Spokesman of the Taliban’s Swat chapter Muslim Khan said the Taliban would not retaliate to the ongoing military offensive, and it would abide by the peace accord it has inked with the provincial government.

“The Buner operation is just to please America and nobody should fear of any reaction to this operation. We are peaceful people and are abiding by our peace agreement with the Frontier government,” The News quoted Khan, as saying.

Khan, however, warned that these operations were neither in the Taliban’s interest nor of the Pakistan government.

Commenting on the chances of the Swat peace deal being scrapped amid the current situation, Khan warned that the Taliban would act accordingly.

“If the current situation persists, the Swat peace deal too might be affected. If the peace deal stands scrapped, the Taliban would not sit idle as a silent spectator and would exercise their right to self-defence,” he said. (ANI)