Pak Army says over 50 Taliban killed in Buner

Pak Army says over 50 Taliban killed in BunerIslamabad, Apr. 29: Pakistan military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas on Wednesday told a press conference here that over 50 Taliban militants have been killed in the ongoing military operation in Buner.

Major General Abbas also confirmed the death of one security official and the rescue of 18 Frontier Corps personnel.

He said that the army, which has launched both ground and aerial offensives, is facing stiff resistance in Ambela as the militants have taken people hostage and are using them as human shields.

He said the security forces are trying to avoid collateral damage, and added that the militants are still occupying three police stations in Buner.

Major General Abbas urged the media not to report anything that jeopardises operational security or the lives of soldiers.

Troops took Daggar, the main town in Buner (60 miles northwest of Islamabad), on Wednesday after being dropped by helicopters behind Taliban lines on the second day of the offensive.

A military spokesman said troops had secured Daggar and ‘airborne forces have linked up to police and Frontier Constabulary’ there. ‘A link up with ground forces is in progress.’

Taliban fighters held the entrances to the valley, but they risk being caught between security forces at their front and rear after the successful airdrop.

The military estimates that there are about 500 militants in the Buner Valley and that it might take a week to clear them out. (ANI)