Oracle to acquire data-integration specialist GoldenGate Software

Oracle to acquire data-integration specialist GoldenGate SoftwareIn a Thursday announcement, the enterprise software giant Oracle said that it is set to buy GoldenGate Software – the San Francisco-based data integration tools’ maker. While the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, it was said that the acquisition would likely be finalized towards the end of 2009.

Till the time the deal closes, Oracle and GoldenGate, which have been involved in tie-ups for over the last ten years, will continue with their independent operations.

The buyout of the real-time integration software specialist will help Oracle give a much-needed boost to its current data-integration portfolio, which comprises the tools the company achieved from its purchase of Sunopsis in 2006.

In a statement pertaining to the acquisition, Oracle said that the GoldenGate technology will help enhance the ability of the Oracle customers to make decisions based on well-timed information from multiple sources. It added that the Oracle-GoldenGate amalgamation would create an all-inclusive heterogeneous data integration platform.

Commenting on the advantages of the deal for Oracle, analyst Rob Karel, of Forrester Research, said: “GoldenGate’s technology offers advanced change data capture capabilities that allow ongoing real-time pulls from the database log files of production environments. This is a critical requirement to enable high-volume data extraction to support real-time data warehousing and BI, as well as master data management.”