Ola Electric launches S1 X scooter with enhanced battery & extended range

Ola Electric launches S1 X scooter with enhanced battery & extended range

Ola Electric, a prominent two-wheeler manufacturer in India’s fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) segment, has unveiled the 2024 model-year variant of its S1 X electric scooter (e-scooter), with enhanced battery and extended range. Continuing to reshape the future of urban mobility, Ola Electric announced that the new S1 X e-scooter now features an impressive 4-kilowatt-hour (4-kW) battery, marking a notable leap in efficiency and range.

With affordability remaining a key focus for the Indian manufacturer, the new S1 X 4-kWh variant proudly maintains an enticing price point of INR 109,999 (approximately US$1,325). In spite of the enhanced specifications, the company keeps its commitment to provide outstanding value for money. The main highlight of the new personal electric mobility solution is its extended single-charge range. To be more specific, the new model reaches an impressive 190 kilometers (118 miles) on a full charge, surpassing the 3-kWh variant’s range of 143 kilometers (89 miles). This places the S1 X 4-kWh as the most long-distance focused electric model in the S1 X lineup, catering to commuters with lengthy daily travel.

When it comes to performance, the S1 X 4-kWh maintains a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour (equivalent to roughly 56 miles per hour) and accelerates from 0 to 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour) in merely 3.3 seconds. While it lacks some premium features that we find in the S1 X+, it offers an interesting blend of efficiency and practicality.

Ola Electric's commitment extends far beyond product improvements, which is evident from the fact that the company is investing in infrastructure expansion. The company has plans to increase its service centers by 50 per cent, aiming for at least 600 service centers across India by April of this year. Simultaneously, the company is expanding its charging network, with a target of 10,000 public charging stations by June of this year. The introduction of faster chargers, claiming a 75 per cent increase in charging speed compared to home chargers, will obviously add convenience for users, providing 31 miles of range in merely 20 minutes.

Owners can also benefit from Ola Electric's forward-thinking warranty program, offering an impressive standard eight-year or 80,000 kilometers (approx. 50,000 miles) coverage for the battery. For added peace of mind, owners can opt for extended warranty of 100,000 kilometers (approx. 62,000 miles) for INR 4,999 (US$60) or 125,000 kilometers (approx. 77,671 miles) for INR 12,999 (approx. US$157).

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