Oblivious couple spends the night with wasps under pillow!

London, Sept 16: A couple slept the entire night without realizing that a swarm of wasps had built a nest beneath the pillows of their bed.

Mr and Mrs Hames noticed a strange buzzing when they retired to bed, but they ignored it assuming that it would be a single wasp.

"Clive was tired and told me the wasp could stay there for the night and to go to sleep," Daily Mail quoted Mrs Hames, as saying.

When 57-year- old Vicky Hames got up in the morning, she still heard the buzzing.

After realizing that the sound was coming through her bed, she pulled her pillow to reveal the wasps.

She was stung on her back by a wasp and a horde of the insect filled their room.

However, her 60-year-old husband Clive Hames escaped unharmed.

The wasp nest was stretched from the pillow to the back of the bed and was finally vacuumed up with an insect repellent spray. (With Inputs from ANI)