Obama urges Democrats to avert economic catastrophe

Obama urges Democrats to avert economic catastropheWilliamsburg (Virginia, US), Feb. 6 : President Barack Obama has appealed to Democrats to take action to get the US economy back on track.

Pushing his plan for a mix of spending and tax relief, Obama accused some of the bill''s critics of "phony arguments and petty politics."

He, however, praised the US House of Representatives for passing his stimulus bill, but took the opportunity to fire a thinly veiled jab at Republicans for having "come to the table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas" that helped to cause the current economic crisis.

But despite taking a sometimes humorous tone with his fellow Democrats, Obama hardly failed to underscore the potentially dire consequences of inaction.

Obama said, "an economy that is already in crisis will be faced with catastrophe" if nothing was done.

A couple of senior Democratic aides told FOX News late Thursday that final passage of the current bill is very likely Friday. (ANI)