Obama Looking to Curb Outsourcing, India Does not Seem to Care

Obama Looking to Curb Outsourcing, India Does not Seem to CareThe Americans are struggling to come out of the lingering hurt of the biggest global recession of the post WW II era, and in such a scenario, the fact that jobs are being outsourced is something that is hitting the country where it hurts the most.

Recent figures have revealed that since 2000, as many as 5.5 million manufacturing job have been lost by the US, with 2.1 million of those being lost over the past two years alone, all thanks to outsourcing. Over the past 8 years, more than 42,400 factories have been closed down in the US and an additional 90,000 are facing the same fortune now.

Considering this, the fact that President Obama has stepped up to call for a cut-off of outsourcing is something that is being highly appreciated. Although, the method that he is adopting is something that is being questioned. Recently, the President said that he is going to work towards shutting down the Federal Office that keeps a count of how many jobs are being sent overseas.

Not very impressive, we say. This is like deliberately shutting your eyes to something and then pretending that it is not happening, and it does not look like this would help much. This is like not counting the number of jobs that a certain company has outsourced, and thinking that it did not even happen, in the hopes that things would stop happening just because we turned a blind eye towards them.

On the other hand, the nation to which the US companies outsource the jobs the most, India, does not seem to be worried about the fact that its economy will be affected. And looking at the kind of approach that is being taken, there is seriously nothing to worry about anyways.

Outsourcing is a multi-billion Dollar industry, and to put a stop to something this huge is not only going to take a lot of effort, but a lot of time as well. The plan currently proposed does not seem to be strong enough, and if this lead is followed, the country will continue to lose jobs to outsourcing.

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