Nuke Deal With India In `National Interest’ - US

Washington: The Bush administration has tried to alleviate worries brought up by various US lawmakers over the civilian nuclear transaction with India.

The administration also added that the conditions of contract were in the country’s ‘national interest’ and exact for treating international non-proliferation ends.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told, “We believe that this is the right deal for the US national interest, for our relationship with India, as well as for addressing our concerns about non-proliferation globally.”

The spokesman alleged legislature on both sides was being totally briefed on the conditions of 123 agreement.

He added, “We`re going to be talking in public about all of this in upcoming briefings.”

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns is due in to brief mediapersons at the State Department this morning, followed by an almost simultaneous briefing in New Delhi by senior Indian officials.

A group of 23 lawmakers chaired by Democratic Congressman Edward Markey had previously written to President George W Bush stating worry on what may have emerged between the two negotiating sides.

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