Now, a non-slip Wonderbra that won’t let your boobs down!

London, June 25 : Here's some good news for ladies: the days of continually hoisting and adjusting strapless bras could soon be history - thanks to the `Ultimate' bra.

Makers Wonderbra claim that the "revolutionary" model won't slip even if the wearer jumps up and down.

In case you're thinking what makes the bra work, well, it uses hand-shaped polycarbonate plastic structures made up of four fingers that are moulded into the cups to hold the bust in place.

The new 32-pound anti-sag garment comes in black and "nude" in sizes A to F, reports The Daily Express.

Wonderbra spokeswoman Julia Nolan said: "The way it works is the same as if the wearer was actually holding and lifting the bust themselves - that is what has been mimicked."

She added: "This bra will stay up no matter what. The things that always annoyed women about strapless bras is that they did not stay in place and slipped down and needed constant adjusting.

"Many of them also flattened the bust and did not give very good cleavage.

"The Ultimate model stays in place and provides long-lasting support. Wonderbra prides itself on answering girls' lingerie needs, but we are so confident about this incredible bra we can say it's the most remarkable in our history.

"It is unlike anything else available, so girls will most likely change their views on strapless bras and fashion forever once they try it on."

The bra also has added silicone banding to give it extra hold but does not have underwiring that digs into the skin. (ANI)