Now, 3D-printed wristband that will record TV show if you fall asleep

KipstR monitorsLondon, Dec. 18 : A new 3D-printed wristband has been recently created that will record TV show if you fall asleep, it has been revealed.

Two British boys, 15-year-old Ryan Oliver and 14-year-old Jonathan Kingsley have produced a 3D-printed wristband that senses when its wearer has fallen asleep, the Daily Express reported.

The device, which works alongside the Virgin Media's TiVo service, mimics how the box's TV remote pauses and records live TV.

Using pulse-oximeter technology, KipstR monitors its user's heart rate to determine when they are awake or asleep. It then kicks into gear as the snoozing family member drifts off, so they never miss their favourite festive shows.

And, when the user's heart rate begins to rise to "awake" levels, it trigger's TiVo to resume the programme. (ANI)