Nosheen To Represent Pakistan In ‘Miss Earth Pageant 2008’

Nosheen To Represent Pakistan In ‘Miss Earth Pageant 2008’Nosheen Idrees, the 22 year old from Jhelum Pakistan, will be representing ‘Pakistan’ in the Miss Earth pageant.

A student of communications at the University of Sheffield, Miss Idrees was crowned the third runner up for the Miss Pakistan World pageant on the 23rd of May 2008.

Nosheen expects to bring back a title, which can place Pakistan as a country that has the most beautiful women all through the world.

Nosheen said, “Pakistan is a country where the most beautiful women exist and it's a shame that it's not recognized for it.”

Nosheen is set to change the perception of how the world considers Pakistan and confidently she saids that she may be capable of spreading the message of harmony for her country and be a great representative for the youth.

In her statement, Sonia Ahmed, the president of Miss Pakistan World, said that Pakistan has reached 20 international pageants in just 5 years time and that the main mission is to continue with the effort to get Pakistan recognized as the country with the most talented and beautiful women in the world.