'Silent' seizures behind 'spells' of increased confusion in Alzheimer's patients

Brain Cross-Sections
Washington, Sept 6: A new study has found that mice genetically engineered to have Alzheimer's disease suffer silent seizures which may occur due to cellular changes.

The cellular changes are a result of excess accumulations of the protein amyloid beta.

Removing indoor moulds may help keep asthma at bay

Washington, Sept 6 : A new Cardiff University study has revealed that removing indoor moulds improves the condition of asthmatic patients.

Researchers in the School of Medicine enquired about fungal deposits in homes of the patients. Later a trained observer inspected the homes to locate the deposits.

Television viewing could lead to attention problems

Watching TelevisionLondon : Children who watch television for more than two hours a day may develop attention problems later in life, a long-term study has shown.

The more television they watch the more problems they could face, the study of more than 1,000 children born in Dunedin, New Zealand between April 1972 and March 1973 found.

Keep teeth clean to prevent heart disease

White Teeth
London : Keep your teeth clean if you want to protect your heart from diseases, suggests a new study that has found evidence of a link for the first time between gum disease and heart disease.

Periodontitis is a chronic gum disease, which occurs when waste material or plaque collects around the teeth and irritates the gums. One can remove the plaque by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly.

Whole-grain barley or rye bread at breakfast keeps blood sugar in check all day

Rye Bread

Fluorescent lights putting pupils at the risk of headaches

London, Sep 6 : The increasing use of fluorescent lights in schools is putting more and more children at the risk of getting headaches.

According to a Cambridge University study, eight in 10 classrooms in England are fitted with immoderate bright and flickering lights, which, according to experts, result in eye strain and loss of concentration.


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