No more Eurythmics reunion, says Annie Lennox

No more Eurythmics reunion, says Annie LennoxWashington, Mar 6 : Eurythmics vocalist Annie Lennox has revealed that their fans won't be able to see the band back together - because she is determined to move on with her life.

The 1980s pop duo, formed with singer Dave Stewart, never officially split but Lennox moved away from her music partner in 1990, to launch a highly successful solo career.

Lennox and Stewart reunited in 1999 to release their Peace album, which was followed by a tour.

After South African tour in 2003, the pair came together for the last time to record two new tracks for their greatest hits album in 2005.

However, Lennox admits that the record marked the end of the band - insisting fans will not see them back again.

"Dave and I talk to each other only rarely these days, and I can''t see another reunion. He lives in America and I''m over here (Britain). We''re both working on our own things," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"For me it would be like a step backwards and I want to keep moving forward," she added. (ANI)