Nintendo has no plans to stop production on Wii U gaming console

On Wednesday, Japanese newspaper Nikkei said that Nintendo is going to cease production on its Wii U gaming console for clearing the way for the approaching Nintendo NX console.

According to Nikkei, the main reasons behind Nintendo’s move to cease production on the Wii U would be fading popularity and poor sales particularly knowing the massive success of its predecessor, the Wii.

As per the reports, the development of the console is difficult because of the Wii U and its tablet-like controller’s unique nature. The company would apparently be planning to clear inventory for making space for Nintendo NX.

There might be a case that Nikkei, which usually has a superb track record with Nintendo rumors, has wrongly taken this one because the Japanese gaming giant has denied the reports of putting a halt on production on its 4-year old console.

While talking to Japanese publication, IT Media, a Nintendo spokesperson said, “This isn’t an announcement from our company. From the next quarter and thereafter as well, production (of the Wii U) is scheduled to continue”.

Nintendo has said that they have no intention of halting Wii U production in the approaching time, but these kinds of rumors aren’t going to help and would just largely hurt what has been a unsatisfactory experience with the Wii U.

The Wii of last generation was the best selling console of its time, with a sale of more than 100 million units, however, the Wii U has just sold 12 million, quite less than market leader Sony's PlayStation 4, which has managed to do a sale of more than 35 million units.

So far, there has been no announcement about the confirmed release date for the Nintendo NX, though as per some reports, it is going to be announced at this year’s Nintendo Direct, which is going to be held prior to E3 in June.