NFL Cheerleader Fired For Pictures On Facebook

Caitlin Davis, 18, a New England Patriots cheerleader has been kicked off the squad after online pictures of her and another person covering a drunken person in profane words, pictures, anti-semitic verbiage, including swastikas surfaced. One wonders what she could have been thinking as the social circle of Bob and Myra Kraft who own the Patriots, also includes fellow leaders of the Anti-Defamation League.

According to the Boston Herald, the pictures posted on Facebook showing Davis and another person writing on a passed out person, have also appeared on a number of other sites like TMZ. com

Stacey James, co-spokesman for New England Patriots speaking to the Herald, confirmed that Davis was 'no longer with the squad'. However, the Patriots' web site still carries her pictures, including the one dressed up as an angel for the 26th October game, when Patriots faced the Rams.

A real come-down for Davis, who during cheerleader tryouts earlier this year; told the Sun Chronicle she wanted to be a part of the squad was, because she would be required to make a number of community service appearances. It was like killing two birds with one stone, i. e. rooting for the Patriots and helping the less fortunate.

However, Caitlin Davis in her statement to TMZ, flatly refuses to own up to the responsibility for drawing offensive images drawn on a guy who got drunk and passed. To quote Davis : "The kid in the picture was a drunk guy who passed out and was written on, as his costume for the night."

One more reason for people to think before posting pictures on Facebook.

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