New images of screenshots of Samsung Altius smartwatch appear online

New images of screenshots of Samsung Altius smartwatch appear onlineIn an implicit indication that a smartwatch war may be in the offing between Apple and Samsung, some new images making rounds on the Internet are believed to be screenshots of what may be a smartwatch from Samsung.

With Apple and Samsung already being the closest competitors in the smartphone and tablets markets, and with Apple reportedly developing its smartwatch - iWatch, as it is referred to on the Internet -, the screenshots hint at Samsung's Altius smartwatch which is likely to hit the markets later this year.

The screenshots of Samsung's Altius smartwatch have started surfacing on the Internet within a week of reports, from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which suggested that Apple is working on a wearable device, most likely a smartwatch.

Both the Times and the WSJ reports said that Apple has been working with its manufacturing partner Foxconn, on its iWatch; which will probably feature "curved glass" and "iOS." As per the reports, Apple has appointed nearly 100 engineers with backgrounds in sensors and related technology.

Meanwhile, going by the Altius-related screenshots, the Samsung smartwatch - which measures 500 x 500 pixels - will feature a stark, mostly black-and-white, user interface. Moreover, a Holo-esque look unveiled in the screenshots hints at the design language used by Android OS version 4 and higher.

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