New Gravital AXS e-gravel bike boasts hi-tech specs & irresistible features

New Gravital AXS e-gravel bike boasts hi-tech specs & irresistible features

In the ever-evolving realm of cycling, innovation continues to meet adventure. The lasts example is the Gravital AXS e-gravel bike, which has emerged as a beacon of leading-edge technology and irresistible features. Hailing from the world-renowned Spanish bike maker “Crow Bikes,” the Gravital AXS e-gravel bike seamlessly blends the versatility of a gravel bike with the electric prowess of a Fazua 50 street motor. Amid gravel bikes’ increasing popularity, the Gravital AXS stands tall, boasting hi-tech specs and irresistible features that set it apart from the crowd of ordinary bikes.

Gravel bikes, which were once met with skepticism, have successfully carved a niche in the cycling world, rewriting the narrative of what bikes can offer. The Gravital AXS combines the best of practical commuting and recreational sport. A Sram Rival AXS wireless drivetrain adorns this e-gravel masterpiece, promising a seamless as well as premium riding experience.

At the heart of the new e-gravel bile is the Fazua 50 street motor, a compact powerhouse capable of delivering 350 watts of maximum output and 55 Nm of torque. What sets this bike apart is its adaptability, which allows riders to effortlessly transition from electric to non-electric mode, catering to the need for adventure as well as a heart-pumping workout. Renowned for its streamlined performance, the Fazua 5 takes customization to new heights, offering a matchless cycling experience.

Not satisfied with mere functionality, the Gravital AXS allows riders to personalize their journey according to their preferences. The choice between an aluminum or carbon frame opens up options for riders to tailor the e-bike to their penchants. The Gravital SL 1 AXS, with aluminum frame and carbon fork, boasts a feather-light weight of just 14.5 kilograms. On the other hand, the Gravital UL 2 AXS, with its carbon construction, tips the scales even lower at merely 13.6 kilograms.

Other notable specs of the e-bike include Sram Rival AXS 12-speed drivetrain, Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 wheels, wrapped in Schwalbe G-One Bite TLR rubber, and wireless shift technology for ensuring smooth transitions and precision in every ride. The hydraulic disc brakes bring these high-performance wheels to a safe and secure halt, ensuring an additional layer of safety to the exhilarating journey.

When it comes to pricing, the Gravital AXS is available for 4,799 euros (approx. $5,300), while the carbon Gravital UL 2 AXS starts at 5,599 euros (approx. $6,200).

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