Neanderthal genes still present in US

Neanderthal-GenesAs per the previous genetic evidence, Neanderthals have a very little or no contribution to human's inheritance. But the recent findings have made scientists think of the issue again. The gene of rare sepsis of Neanderthals is still present in US as per a report.

That means Neanderthal inheritance exists today even in the developed countries.

According to a recent analysis on the Neanderthal genome, about 1% to 4% of genomes of Eurasian people come from Neanderthal specie as well. The result has also informed that the current sepsis of living human all over the world have came from a small population of Africans and in later part they have spread out to all over the World.

The most relevant theory of modern human origins which is known as "Out of Africa" inform that ancestors of living humans have been originated in Africa approximately 200,000 years ago. Then a small group of that population had left Africa and then had spread to the entire world gradually in between 50,000yrs-60,000yrs ago.

The sequencing of the Neanderthal genome is believed to a landmark in scientific achievement after four years long effort of the Germany's Max Planck Institute. It will help the researchers to find out the sequencing between different genomes further.