Nawaz says PML-N has no plans to join PPP at centre

Nawaz says PML-N has no plans to join PPP at centreIslamabad, Apr. 8 : Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief, Nawaz Sharif, has said that his party has no immediate plans to join President Asif Ali Zardari-led Pakistan People's Party at the center.

"We have no plans to join the PPP-led government in the Centre," Sharif told reporters after his meeting with US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke and Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen in Islamabad.

The PML-N had decided to part ways with the PPP, after the latter did not fulfill the promises it had made, Sharif said, adding that he had no personal grudge against Zardari, and his party had only quit the alliance with the PPP because of its principles.

He, however, said the PML-N would respect PPP's decision if it wants to stay in the coalition government in Punjab, or want to sit on the opposition benches in the assembly.

Sharif, during his meeting with Holbrooke and Admiral Mullen urged the United States to stop drone attacks in Pakistan's Tribal Areas, and convey his party's message to President Obama, that they end former US president George Bush's policies

"US President Barack Obama will have to review his policy on drone attacks, as the strategy has been proving counter-productive," he said.

Sharif also reiterated that his party was against destabilization of democracy.

"The country requires a political environment that will help strengthen the federation," he said. (ANI)