NASA’s New Website Allows to Locate ISS

Seeing stars and planets in the night sky can be tricky despite the fact that they appear to move very slowly. As per NASA experts, spotting the International Space Station (ISS) is far easier when it passes as the space station appears to move around the same speed as a high-flying jumbo jet.

NASA's has now made spotting ISS in the sky even easier after it has launched a new website that simply allows a person to chose a particular city closest to him or her and one can get details on the times when the ISS will pass overhead in the coming days.

One can even sign up for free emails alerts on the site and the website will tell you in which part of the sky the station will appear. The website will also give details on how long the station will be visible, and in what part of the sky it will disappear.

The website will also tell how high in the sky the station will be in degrees. Ninety degrees is straight up, while any number lower than that will be between there and the horizon.

According to, if one holds its fist out at arm's length towards the horizon, that is about ten degrees.

As per the NASA's new website, the space station as on 8/19/15 was visible over the Tucson area and was visible at 8:52 PM for one minute. The station appeared in the northwest sky and disappears in the same general area.

The space station travels at an average speed of a little over 17,000 miles per hour and orbits on average around 220 miles above the earth's surface.