The mystery face behind M&S lingerie ads revealed

London, May 29 : Lingerie fashion model Natalie Suliman is the mystery face behind UK fashion brand Marks & Spencer lingerie billboard campaign.

The 23-year-old stunner said when she first saw herself on the billboards she nearly crashed her car.

"I nearly crashed my car when I saw the advert for the first time," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"I was happily driving to a shopping mall with my music blasting when I suddenly saw a 20ft picture of my chest on the horizon.

"It was shocking to see my boobs looking so huge, but I guess that's not something I can complain about! I'm just happy the advert has been such a success," she added.

Since the advertising campaign headed by 5 foot 8 Suliman, online lingerie shopping orders of the silky green lingerie from fashion retailer Marks & Spencer have sourced 163 per cent, despite the tough economic and financial climate in Europe.

M&S marketing chief Steve Sharp said: "The ad has caused quite a stir.

"Not only have we seen a real uplift in our bra sales, but we have also received hundreds of calls asking who the model is."

In the near future, Suliman has her sights on becoming a Victoria''s Secret lingerie stunner.

"I'm hoping to go to America and model for the Victoria's Secrets catalogue," she said. (ANI)