Murdoch donates 2,300 dollars to Hillary Clinton's campaign fund

New York, Feb. 5: Hillary ClintonThe New York Post may have scathingly rebuked Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton last week, but this did not stop its owner -- Rupert Murdoch -- from donating 2, 300 dollars to Clinton's campaign fund.

According to the New York Daily News, the amount is the maximum allowed for a primary race, and Murdoch gave Clinton's rival Barrack Obama nothing.

Murdoch even hosted a lavish fund-raiser in the summer of 2006 to stuff Clinton's Senate reelection war chest - a mere piggy bank compared to the White House run.

Murdoch's love of Clinton is shared by his son and heir apparent, James, who ponied up 2,300 dollars for Clinton's primary run and another 1,150 dollars for the general election. (ANI)