Multi-touch patent won by Apple

Multi-touch patent won by Apple It has recently been learnt that the American patent (number 7,479,949) for touch-screen control technology has been won by Apple. This will definitely mean some serious competition to its rivals while the users should prepare to get ready for cool surprises.

The Patent 7,479,949 has been awarded to Jobs et al and apparently, it will give Apple credit for detecting one or more finger contacts with the touch screen display.

Furthermore, the long-winded patent is also being claimed to the command system of iPhone and iPod, including finger or thumb swiping or twisting and spreading to enlarge pictures or rotate them.

It must be noted here that on 20th January, when the patent was issued; was just a day before the firm gloated over its seemingly recession-proof growing quarterly profits.

Tim Cook, the firm's chief operating officer reported, "Apple can now legally stamp on any rival which tries to use its precious intellectual property without prior consent and lots of money changing hands. Not that Apple would want to crush its competition, oh no."

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