Mozilla launches “Open Web Tools Directory”

The developer of firefox web browser – Mozilla has rolled out an Open Web Tools Directory, stuffed with web apps and tools for developers. With its Open Web Tools Directory, Mozilla is aiming to provide developers, a comprehensive collection or list of a wide range of tools available.

According to Ben Galbraith, Co-Director of Developer Tools at Mozilla, the Open Web Tools Directory is aimed to help developers explore the broad universe of tools. The Open Web Tools Directory will help developers track and understand tools available.

Up to now, only some tools were listed by Mozilla, but now the company has provided developers a directory to submit their applications and tools. Mozilla has said that the applications and tools submitted to the Open Web Tools Directory will not go live immediately. Mozilla has told that the submitted entries will be reviewed on regular basis. The applications and tools will go live only after they are reviewed and approved by Mozilla team.

In its blog, Mozilla has written that the Open Web Tools Directory will only work on modern browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The Directory will support both browsers without canvas support and screen reader support. And, in the coming days, the features, such as ranking, commenting on the tools, better searching tools, etc. will be added to the Open Web Tools Directory.