Mother batters daughter to death with a mop

A mother in New York, admitted that she battered her 11 year old daughter with a mop handle and left her to die in bed.

According to detectives, the woman, Florenzia Vazquez, beat her daughter so hard that the handle of the mop was mangled.

According to the NY Times, it was "a thrashing so severe it left the girl listless, vomiting and confined to bed." The girl’s elder sister had been removed from the home earlier this year after she accused her mother of abuse.

The city's child welfare agency is investigating and authorities say charges against the woman and her boyfriend are pending.

The woman told the police that she despised everything linked to her ex-husband in Mexico, including their daughter Alejandra, who died. 

Initially Vazquez said Alejandra had been involved in a street fight. But she disclosed the truth after hours of questioning. She said that she "despised everything connected to her ex-husband" and Alejandra happened to be one of them.